Bose L1 Compact Wireless PA

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    Portable L1 Compact speaker system: Carry everything with you at once. Install in a minute. Fill the room with Bose sound.

    The L1 Compact system combines standard PA and monitors in a single elegant unit. Placed behind or next to an artist, disc jockey or conference, the system provides wide, even sound coverage throughout the stage and to the audience - even far out on the sides. It is our smallest, lightest and most easily installed L1 system and weighs only 13.2 kg.

    • The Spatial Dispersion ™ speaker technology has six small elements that are mounted at exact angles inside a slim, vertical box. This patented Bose technology provides almost 180 degrees of horizontal sound coverage. The sound is even, even on the outer edges of the system.

    • Built-in mixer table in the power stand provides an XLR microphone input on channel 1. Channel 2 has an instrument input, an RCA stereo input and a 1/8-inch stereo input. Both channels have clip lamps with two different modes, volume controls and a custom ToneMatch preset. The rear panel has a 6.35 mm balanced line output and an RCA stereo output.

    • Built-in amplifier in the power stand provides clean and precise amplification for L1 Compact speakers and bass box.

    • PA and monitors are combined in a light and very portable system. Patented Bose technology allows the system to be placed directly behind or next to the artist. Thus, no separate PA speakers, stage monitors and mixer tables are needed.

    • Patented ToneMatch presets optimize the L1 Compact system for a dynamic handheld microphone (channel 1) or acoustic guitar (channel 2).

    • Two unique installation positions - extended (height 199.5 cm) and contracted (height 41.9 cm) - allow you to customize the system's sound coverage for the room or event. For larger audiences, the included speaker extensions are used to raise the system. For smaller gatherings and meetings, the speaker can sit in the power rack. Place the system on a table.

    • Durable, lightweight, interconnectable parts make the system easy to transport, install and disassemble. The power stand weighs 11 kg and the entire system of speakers and extensions weighs 13 kg. No speaker cables, tripods or base modules required. The entire system is installed in less than a minute.

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