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AV and Distance Meetings + Whiteboards and AV Interior Design

Contract number: 23.3-10517-20:002 and 23.3-8004-18:003

AudicomPendax is truly something extraordinary. With our own manufacturing and development in Sweden, we can offer completely unique products and solutions. We are the only supplier on these framework agreements that can deliver everything that the contract covers. "Made in Sweden" guarantees the highest quality and reliability at every stage, from manufacturing to delivery and integration.

As a comprehensive AV, IT, and interior design company, we are proud to say that we are specialists in our field. We always lead the way in developing and delivering the latest and most innovative solutions on the market. 

Our motto, "Remember where you saw it first!", truly reflects our passion for leading the way.

With over 80 years of experience in manufacturing and development, we can proudly say that we have the broad expertise and solid knowledge required to meet all your needs.

Choose AudicomPendax for a secure and reliable high-quality solution - you will not be disappointed!

More about the Contracts:

AV and Distance Meetings

With this comprehensive framework agreement, you can be sure that your audio and visual product and service needs are covered throughout their entire life cycle. The agreement includes everything from analog to digital products and services, including the ability to play pre-recorded information when needed.

But that's not all - the agreement also covers goods and services for new or existing meeting and conference rooms, training rooms, auditoriums, stages, waiting rooms, reception areas, and healthcare environments. This includes the ability to purchase smaller carpentry and craftwork to ensure that the products function correctly, as well as equipment design for these rooms.

You can purchase only goods or services, or a combination of both, depending on your specific needs. Services that are purchased must be related to the audio and visual field and can be performed at a different time than the actual purchase of the product.

And don't forget that the agreement also includes software, both proprietary and open-source, as well as public or private cloud services. The agreement also covers the ability to rent goods and services that the authorized party does not own themselves.

Make sure you have everything you need to meet your audio and visual needs throughout their entire life cycle with this powerful framework agreement.

Whiteboards and AV furniture

With this framework agreement, you can rest assured that you will find all the necessary accessories to meet your needs for whiteboards, AV furniture, and projection screens. It's important to note that only products from our product list can be ordered, and that technology for conference rooms or entire conference room solutions cannot be ordered through this sub-area.

When you make a purchase under this agreement with an estimated value of up to 100,000 SEK, you can take advantage of a special distribution key that uses the prices presented in our product list. This provides you with a smooth and efficient process when you need to order products within the scope of the framework agreement.

And when you need to procure goods whose value exceeds 100,000 SEK, you can take advantage of our renewed competitive bidding process. This ensures that you always receive the best possible product and service at competitive prices.

So whether you need whiteboards, AV furniture, projection screens, or other accessories, make sure to take advantage of this framework agreement to ensure that you always have access to high-quality products at the right price.

Our product range

We proudly present our extensive product range and encourage you to explore the menus above to find the best products for your needs. However, we want to especially highlight our unique Hybrid units in the menu. These flexible units are the perfect solution for meeting or training rooms, and can solve all necessary functions without interruption in your operations for reconstruction or project planning.

We are confident that our Hybrid units are the most flexible and user-friendly units on the market. They will give you the freedom and flexibility you need to conduct efficient meetings or training without interruption or problems. With our extensive range of products and our high quality, we are sure that we can help you find the right products to reach your goals.

So explore our product range and discover for yourself why our customers are so satisfied with our products and our service. We look forward to helping you find the best products for your needs!

Questions about the agreements

The contact person is Klas Thorselius, email address is klas.thorselius@aupx.com, and our customer service is also available to you.