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AudicomPendax Policies

Quality, environment, integrity and social responsibility

We are certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 and 14001: 2015

We regularly measure as an active part of our operating system, including:

  • Customer satisfaction through a survey.

  • Number, driven by car, kilometers per customer visit - to reduce carbon dioxide emissions..

  • The number of STOP and GO, that is to say improvement opportunities, our staff notes in our complaints system.

  • The number of preventive measures.

  • Our certification body does audits at least twice a year to ensure our quality and environmental work.

  • The SA-8000 is implemented and a natural part of our everyday lives.

In our own operations, we have weekly meetings with the offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and London.As this happens over video conferencing, we save enormous amounts of aviation fuel and time.

Privacy Policy

We protect everyone's personal integrity and it is important that our employees, suppliers and customers feel secure about how personal data is processed at us. This policy describes why and how we process personal data and how we work to protect the information.

Personal data collected and processed

We collect personal information that is voluntarily provided to us. Examples of inquiries, agreements, job applications, employment contracts participate in events organized by us, choose to subscribe to one of our newsletters, communicate with us via e-mail or other channels where you register. The information we collect can be your name, postal address, email address, telephone number, job title and industry.

In some cases, your personal information has been retrieved from other sources with a background to your professional role and then we have considered that you may be interested in our services or specific arrangements. These sources may include, inquiries, agreements, purchase of data files, searches through publicly available search engines and your employer's website.

How do we use personal data?

We use the personal information we collect to: Send you, quotes, order confirmations, invoices, newsletters and information about relevant areas of our business area and invitations to activities. For you as an employee of us information that relates to your relationship with us.

Who processes personal data?

Only people who need to process personal data have access to your personal data. We do not make your personal information available to third parties.

How long is data stored?

We store personal data as long as they are needed for the purpose for which they were collected. This means that we process your information as long as laws and regulations require and as long as you continue to be our customer, supplier, hire us for our services, visit our arrangements or that we, based on your professional role, consider you to be a potential visitors to us and interested in our services.


You have the right to access personal data. If you believe the information is incorrect, you can request that it be corrected. You may also choose to unsubscribe at any time and in connection with this we will cease data processing for the above purposes and we will delete your personal data from our register.


We use technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal data against unauthorized persons' access.Anyone who wants more information is welcome to contact our Finance department or directly to the CEO. 08-55536900 

Quality Policy

AudicomPendax shall at all times state the importance of: Developing, designing, producing and marketing products that meet or exceed the customer's expectations. Deliver the right product at the right time at the right price. All employees must strive to improve the quality of their own work.Follow laws and regulations.

Environmental policy

AudicomPendax works for continuous environmental improvement and prevents pollution by:Follow environmental legislation and live up to market and government requirements. Targeted in our product development and purchasing process, question all materials and, where possible, replace them with more environmentally friendly alternatives.When choosing suppliers, companies that have a developed environmental policy prioritize.For transport, strive for the least possible environmental impact.All staff always consider the possibility of virtual meetings instead of trips.

In order to meet the above overall objectives, we act as follows::

  • When purchasing, we require content declarations and safety data sheets..

  • We work actively to promote environmentally friendly products.

  • We continuously strive for efficiencies that save energy and reduce the burden on the environment.

  • We strive to apply the most environmentally friendly transport alternative for every transport need. 

  • All our employees are given the opportunity to use video conferencing. 

Compliance and goal achievement:Company management has defined and documented the company's policy and quality objectives. Each manager is responsible for ensuring that the policy is understood and applied within its area of responsibility. In all work, all employees must ensure that the policy is complied with and the goals achieved.

Continuous improvements that lead to better products and quality of our work should be a natural part of the business. In this way, our customers are guaranteed that products and services are delivered according to specifications and contracts.