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Swedish Multinational Company Upgrades Rooms with FlexPanel

Objective: We seek a solution that is circular and sustainable, easy to install and support, cost-effective, and stylish!

In a time where companies are constantly searching for innovative and sustainable solutions to enhance their work environments, a major Swedish multinational company has taken the step to upgrade its meeting and training rooms with FlexPanel. This modern solution offers a range of benefits that not only improve functionality but also contribute to a more sustainable and circular process for meeting and training rooms without extensive planning and construction. FlexPanel delivers all this in a very cost-effective manner.

Traditional AV Installations and Their Limitations

In traditional AV installations, a lot of cabling and products are placed behind the screen. This makes it difficult to execute a neat installation, and if servicing is needed, the screen must be taken down (often by 2 people), essentially requiring a new installation of the room.

Efficiency and Flexibility in Installation and Support

With FlexPanel, the entire installation is moved below the screen. This results in a significantly simpler installation process. Desired tech products are easily mounted on the smart detachable installation plates. The front, available in various fabrics or wood, can be easily removed when support is needed. 

Sustainability and Circular Process

FlexPanel facilitates a circular and sustainable process for meeting and training rooms through its modular construction and choice of materials. Instead of undergoing extensive planning and construction when a new room is to be built, the entire process is replaced by a FlexPanel. FlexPanel can be easily relocated without the need for a new AV installation, as the entire installation accompanies the furniture. This promotes more sustainable and cost-effective use of resources and supports the company's overall sustainability goals.

Increased Operational Reliability and Aesthetic Appeal

With FlexPanel concealing both products and cabling, the final product is a very aesthetically pleasing room that also has high operational reliability since no cables are accessible.

Learn more about, and order your own, FlexPanel here.

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