We offer high quality projector lamps!

AudicomPendax helps schools, municipalities, county councils and companies to find the right lamp model for your projector.

Do you need help replacing the lamp? Take the opportunity to order a calibration and service review. We help you with maintenance of the projector when you need it most!


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Right now we have high pressure. The service team does its best to be able to help you as quickly as possible and apologizes for longer handling times than normal.

Service notification

Do you have AV- technology in need of service?

Even if you are not yet one of our existing companies' customers, you will always get help from us when needed. Register a case below or call our customer service and we will be there soon.

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Telephone Support

Do you have AV- technology installed by AudicomPendax and need advice / distance assistance?

We offer telephone support with certified trained service technicians and engineers.

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Preventive maintenance


Preventive service is something we strongly recommend for continuous, safe operation. The reason is that the equipment must maintain the same high standard throughout its service life. An annual preventive service ensures longevity.

We perform technical service and inspections on all equipment and peripherals we sell. We offer several different service agreements that are customized to your business and needs. 

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