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Classic Motorized Projection Screen


6,800.00 SEK 6800.0 SEK 6,800.00 SEK

6,800.00 SEK

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Classic is an advanced, motor-driven projection screen that combines traditional reliability with modern innovation, specially designed to meet the needs of both the business and education sectors. With its focus on quality and flexibility, Classic offers a solution that is perfect for anyone seeking a high-quality visual experience.

Classic sets itself apart from the X-Line, among other things, with its unique fabric, available in three elegant color combinations: White/White, White/Gray, and White/Black. This special fabric is not only visually appealing but also functions as an effective blackout fabric thanks to a non-light-permeable layer. This feature makes Classic ideal for placement in well-lit environments or directly in front of windows, providing increased flexibility in room design.

Furthermore, Classic is equipped with a traditional motorized mechanism with four wires (Up, Down, Neutral, Ground), ensuring easy handling and reliable operation, with the motor controllable using a regular awning switch. It also features our unique plug connection in the gable, eliminating the need for a separate safety switch – an improvement that simplifies installation and maintenance. 

In terms of size, Classic covers a wide range, with a maximum size of 3000x2400mm. This flexibility allows you to customize the size according to your exact needs. For example, if your special measurement is 1100x1900mm, you would choose the variant ≤1200x2000mm. The symbol '≤' means 'less than or equal to.' Then, you would specify the desired special measurement, 1100x1900mm, in the text field. 

If no specific measurements are provided, the screen will be delivered in the specified maximum format of the chosen variant.