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FlexWall Conference


21,700.00 SEK 21700.0 SEK 21,700.00 SEK

21,700.00 SEK

Not Available For Sale

  • Board size (W x H)

This combination does not exist.

FlexWall enables you to have both whiteboards and a very large display in the ergonomic eye-catcher

A smart, cost-effective solution for display combined with writing surface. FlexWall is hung on the AV list and enables communication equipment to be hung exactly where you want along all the room's walls where you can easily reach it with your eyes.

SWhiteboards are available in three sizesr  (see drawing in one of the pictures above) and in the list of options. Excluding display (65-90”) but including fittings for display, unhook protection for boards, wheels and wheel cassette and AV-rail. Assembly instructions is included.