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Mobile X-Line Sony BZ30


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This installation-free Mobile X-line is a sleek device equipped with a high-quality, affordable, and reliable BZ30 screen from Sony and a really sharp Poly Studio from Polycom or a MeetUp from Logitech. The durable modular design in the well-balanced combination of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship gives you and your meeting room the best of both worlds.

Mobile X-Line is a piece of furniture that fits into all types of environments. It is intended for those who want to use a computer, with a wireless keyboard and mouse, which you place in the furniture or insert your own wireless connection. The construction is based on one of our unique patents that allows us to build stronger furniture with lighter weight using environmentally friendly materials.

On the backside, you will find our famous glass enamel whiteboard that meets the toughest European technical and safety standards. This makes the unit equally suitable for professional meetings with remote participants as well as for creative spontaneous group work, both at work and in school.

The product is locally produced in Stockholm, and if you want it a little, or a lot, different from any of the standard designs available on this page, you are welcome to contact our Custom Shop, which will build your Mobile X-Line exactly as you want it!

Designs and Models:

Mobile X-Line is available in white with the Kvadrat Steelcut Trio 3 0205 fabric and in black with the Kvadrat Basel 181 fabric. For dimensions of each model, see the drawings among the images above. 

In addition to the screen size, there are also the stylish design options Standard, Executive, and Lounge.

Standard is the model that most often fits in the typical meeting room. The camera on the standard model is positioned as low as possible under the screen. If the screen is so large that its lower edge is less than 900mm from the floor, we mount the camera with a removable bracket above the screen. The Connecto shelf is positioned 730mm from the floor.

Executive is a more exclusive model where the camera is always mounted in a fabric-covered board above the screen. The Connecto shelf is positioned 730mm from the floor.

Lounge is a design option for models where the screen is so large that the camera comes less than 900mm from the floor, but where we still mount the camera under the screen. It is best suited for open spaces or if you are sitting on sofas or armchairs. The Connecto shelf is positioned less than 730mm from the floor. The choice is yours. See more information about the design options further down on this page.


The whiteboard is approved according to the Ergonomics, Technology, and Safety Standard SS-EN 14434:2010, to level 2 and has received the rating "Recommended" by the Byggvarubedömningen. 

The writing surface has a 30-year warranty.  


We have assessed this product according to criteria such as Eco-design (repairability, disassembly, and upgradeability), Materials (recyclable, recycled, and known origin), Climate-smart (locally produced, environmental impact), and Social responsibility. The scores (0-3) presented here are an average.

Total score 2,88 (out of 3,0)

The Standard design

In the standard design, the camera is mounted under the screen, which many find provides a natural conversation experience. The Connecto shelf is positioned 730mm above the floor. The standard design is a universal and safe option that always works in all your rooms.

The Executive design

In the executive design, the camera is always embedded in the fabric above the screen. This often gives a more exclusive impression, especially if you choose a screen smaller than 70 inches. The Connecto shelf is positioned 730mm above the floor. The Executive is suitable for those who, by tradition or personal preference, want the higher camera placement common in conference rooms in certain parts of the world.

The Lounge design

In the lounge design, the camera is always mounted under the screen. This means that if the screen is large enough, the center of the camera lens will be at a height above the floor of less than 900mm, which is not suitable for ordinary meeting rooms. The Connecto shelf is mounted below the camera at a height that is lower than a standard conference table. However, if you are sitting in sofas or armchairs, it can be absolutely perfect!

More about the display: Sony BZ30

A professional BRAVIA 4K Professional Display with 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range). The screen is capable of operating 24/7, making it suitable for all conceivable applications. It has built-in AirPlay2 and Chromecast, as well as HTML5, making it easy to use for digital signage. The brightness is 440 cd/m². The viewing angle is 178/178 degrees, which means you can see the image from all four sides of the screen. This means that viewers don't need to sit directly in front of the screen, and even you as a presenter can see the image where you stand beside it. The screen runs on Android 10.0, and if you connect your signal source to one of the connections in the Connecto shelf, the screen automatically switches to the input you've selected. If the screen is turned off, it will automatically start itself when you connect. 

More about the Videobars:

Both videobars have lenses with a 120-degree field of view that are suitable even for smaller rooms, as well as 4k resolution, built-in speakers, and microphones. Both are Plug n' Play videobars.

The Poly Studio has a few more settings, and some users also experience that the image and sound quality are a bit better.

Article number:

49272 55" Black Standard, Poly Studio
55" Black Standard, MeetUp
49274 55" Black Executive, Poly Studio
49275 55" Black Executive, MeetUp
49276 65" Black Standard, Poly Studio
49277 65" Black Standard, MeetUp
49278 65" Black Executive, Poly Studio
49279 65" Black Executive, MeetUp
49280 75" Black Lounge, Poly Studio
49281 75" Black Lounge, MeetUp
49282 75" Black Executive, Poly Studio
49283 75" Black Executive, MeetUp
49284 55" White Standard, Poly Studio
49285 55" White Standard, MeetUp
49286 55" White Executive, Poly Studio
49287 55" White Executive, MeetUp
49288 65" White Standard, Poly Studio
49289 65" White Standard, MeetUp
49290 65" White Executive, Poly Studio
49291 65" White Executive, MeetUp
49292 75" White Lounge, Poly Studio
49293 75" White Lounge, MeetUp
49294 75" White Executive, Poly Studio
49295 75" White Executive
 , MeetUp