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Pendax Mobile PX75


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Room size: Large
Deployment: Mobile

Pendax Mobile PX75 redefines the flexibility and dynamics of modern work environments by introducing a mobile, double-sided solution that effectively transforms any space into an interactive meeting or conference room.

Equipped with a 75-inch screen and 4K resolution, this innovation ensures that every detail is presented with crystal clear precision, regardless of where participants are in the room.

This mobile unit is designed to seamlessly integrate into all types of environments – from small workgroups to larger workshops – and can easily be moved between different rooms or areas, making it ideal for dynamic and flexible workplaces that value both aesthetics and functionality.

With Pendax Mobile PX75, every meeting, workshop, or brainstorming session becomes more interactive and productive. The integrated whiteboard on the back offers an additional dimension of collaboration, where ideas can be written down and visualized.

Pendax Mobile PX75 is equipped with an advanced video and audio system that ensures professional communication in every meeting. 

The smooth USB-C connection facilitates wireless Plug & Play functionality, making it easy for participants to instantly connect and share their content without hassle.

Pendax Mobile PX75

Wireless Plug & Play

Pendax Mobile PX75 is intuitively designed to reduce technical barriers, enabling you to focus entirely on the meeting's content rather than its setup. 

To work in your physical or hybrid meeting or presentation, you simply connect the plug to your computer, and Pendax Mobile PX75 takes care of the rest. No drivers need to be installed, and everything starts by itself.

This seamless integration simplifies technical interaction and enhances meeting dynamics, leading to more productive and engaging meetings.

Stylish and Customizable

Pendax Mobile PX75 comes in several design options to match your style and meeting room. Choose from elegant finishes like black with light oak acoustic panel, as shown in the movie here, or in black or white with various fabrics. You also have the option to have it covered in a fabric of your choosing.

Models with an acoustic panel have the entire backside fitted with a whiteboard for maximum flexibility, while fabric-covered variants have a whiteboard at the top and matching fabric at the bottom. 

Each design choice enhances the room's aesthetics and promotes creativity.


Designed with a sustainable future in mind, Pendax Mobile PX75 uses energy-efficient components that not only reduce your ecological footprint through fewer necessary trips for meetings but also optimize your meeting room's energy use for a greener and more cost-effective operation. 

We have assessed this product according to criteria such as Eco-design (repairability, dismantlability, and upgradeability), Materials (recyclable, recycled, and known origin), Climate-smart (locally produced, environmental impact), and Social responsibility. The scores (0-3) are presented here.

Total score 2.88 (out of 3.0)

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Discover for yourself how Pendax Mobile PX75 can transform your workflow and meeting experience. Book a visit at our Office eXperience Center for a personal demonstration and to freely utilize our test environments. 

Let us show you how simple and effective your meetings can be with the right technology and the right decor.

Have your next meeting completely free at the Office eXperience Center. It's guaranteed to be an eye-opener and give a taste of the future.

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Our own technology integration concept, Connecto, which is protected behind the panel, makes the technical platform easy to service and flexible. Each solution is quality assured by Sweden's most knowledgeable AV technicians before it leaves our production. An upgrade or service thus more resembles a pit stop in Formula 1 than what you are used to. 

If you blink, you'll miss it.

We stand fully behind the quality of our Pendax Mobile PX75 with a comprehensive 3-year warranty and offer dedicated customer support and comprehensive service agreements for worry-free ownership.

Our commitment includes not only the initial installation but also ongoing upgrades of the built-in technology, to ensure that your system is continuously updated and ready to meet future challenges.