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Interior Design for the New Microsoft Teams Front Row

In an era where work is becoming increasingly digitized and flexible, video meetings have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. They enable collaboration across distances and save both time and resources. However, as many have noticed, creating a natural and engaging meeting experience in a virtual environment can be challenging. This is where Microsoft Teams Front Row comes into play.

Front Row is an innovative feature in Microsoft Teams aimed at making video meetings as natural and inclusive as possible. The feature changes the dynamics of the meeting by placing participants in a 'front row' at the bottom of the screen, creating a sense that everyone is sitting around the same table. The idea is to emulate the feeling that everyone is at a table in the room, making eye contact as in a regular meeting.

To truly maximize the experience of your video meeting, you need more than just the right software; you also need to adapt your interior design. With such a design solution, rooms can be used in entirely new, more flexible ways, such as by placing the screen on the long wall instead of the short wall as is common today. Another advantage of this layout is improved ergonomics. Since all participants are facing the screen, neck and body twists are minimized, making the meeting more comfortable for everyone involved.

And that's exactly what we're going to help you with. We'll walk you through how you can adapt your meeting room to fully benefit from the Front Row experience, from tables and chairs to technology and layout.

Furniture for Microsoft Teams Front Row

When it comes to creating the optimal Front Row experience, furniture is a key factor. Tables can be combined in many different ways; it's only your creativity that limits how you and the participants' experience will be.

Tables for Every Need

We offer three different types of tables, each with its unique design and function:

FrontRow Wedge

A wedge-shaped table that is wider towards the screen and narrows at the other end. This table is ideal for smaller rooms and accommodates about 4 people.

FrontRow Arc

An arc-shaped table where participants sit next to each other in a slightly curved row. The camera is placed at the center of the table's radius, allowing all participants to have direct eye contact with the camera. You can see three FrontRow Arcs in the large picture illustrating this article.

RearRow Arc

This is a standing table that can be placed behind the FrontRow Arc and has a larger radius. It is therefore perfect for larger meetings and can also be used in conference settings.

Concealed Cable Management

All tables can be ordered in your choice of wood or color and offer the option to install a privacy screen against the camera and concealed cable management for a neat and tidy appearance. Additionally, they can be equipped with Connecto FlexBox Table, a solution for sleek and convenient technology installation.

MeetingWall and Mobile

For those looking for a more comprehensive solution, we offer MeetingWall and Mobile:

MeetingWall: A furniture piece that requires no installation and contains both a screen (21:9) and a camera. It is equipped with acoustic panels and can be complemented with whiteboards and additional acoustic panels.

Mobile: A mobile version of MeetingWall, perfect for flexible work environments. It has all the features of MeetingWall but is mounted on wheels for easy mobility.

Technology Behind Microsoft Teams Front Row

To create a perfect Front Row experience, it's not just the furniture that matters, but also the technology used. The meeting should feel as natural as possible, and that's the goal with the new Teams.

Screens and Aspect Ratio

One of the most prominent technical aspects is the screen's aspect ratio. All our FrontRow tables and MeetingWalls are equipped with screens that have a 21:9 aspect ratio. This allows the video feed to be placed at the bottom of the screen, providing a more natural and ergonomic experience for all participants.

Connecto FlexBox Table

As part of our technical offering, we have Connecto FlexBox Table, a solution for smart and sleek technology installation under tables in work and meeting rooms. FlexBox Table is designed to support all your technology needs and is secure, easy to upgrade, and service. It keeps all cords and cables tucked away, contributing to a safe and well-organized work environment.

Sound and Acoustics

Besides visuals, sound is a critical component in all meetings. Our MeetingWalls and Mobiles are equipped with acoustic panels that not only improve sound quality in the room but also contribute to an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Mobility and Flexibility

With our Mobile solution, you get a mobile version of MeetingWall, making it easy to move your Front Row experience between different rooms. This is particularly useful for companies that need a flexible and adaptable solution.

Customization for Different Work Environments

Whether you have a small meeting room or a large conference hall, we have a Front Row solution that fits your needs. The tables can also be combined in many different ways; it's only your creativity that limits how you and the participants' experience will be.

Small Meeting Rooms

For smaller rooms, we recommend our wedge-shaped table, which we call FrontRow Wedge. It is wider towards the screen and narrows at the other end, allowing the camera to see all faces around the table. This table fits about 4 people and is ideal for smaller workgroups.

Larger Meeting Rooms and Conferences

For larger meeting rooms and conferences, we have our arc-shaped table, FrontRow Arc. This table can be combined with several others to create a full circle, which can be an interesting furniture arrangement at conferences. If you place 9 FrontRow Arcs next to each other, they form a circle with a diameter of 6.5 meters. 18 RearRow Arcs form a circle with a diameter of just over 10 meters.

The Future of Microsoft Teams Front Row and How to Prepare

Technology is constantly evolving, and so are our work environments. More news from Microsoft is coming soon, including shared backgrounds so that all participants have the same background—no need to clean!

Future Updates

Microsoft has already announced several upcoming features for Front Row, including segmented video layouts and positional audio technology. These features will make meetings even more immersive and natural.

Preparations and Upgrades

To fully benefit from these upcoming features, it's important to have a flexible and adaptable work environment. Our Front Row solutions are designed to be scalable and easy to upgrade, making it simple to incorporate new technologies as they become available.

​Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

In a time where sustainability and environmental responsibility are becoming increasingly important, it's also worth noting that our products are designed with sustainability in mind. This aligns with our ISO 14001:2010 certification and our commitment to a sustainable future.

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Transform Your Meetings with Microsoft Teams Front Row