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Sustainability - Circular Economy

AudicomPendax's sustainability strategy

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We measure

We assess to what extent each product fulfills four different values.


Simple construction for repairability and upgradability.


Recyclable, made from recycled materials with a known origin.

Produced locally

Stylish and affordable interior with built-in technology, manufactured in Sweden.


As a manufacturer, we take our part of the responsibility for the circular economy.

Meeting rooms as a service

A guarantee to comply with the circular EU directives.

Sleek and user-friendly meeting rooms for a fixed monthly cost. Your easiest way into the circular economy.

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The building's climate impact can be reduced through a thoughtful design process

In a report Tove Malmqvist, researcher at KTH, states that tenant customization has an equal climate impact as operational energy consumption.

"In collaboration with Vasakronan, a detailed case study of a tenant customization project for an office has been conducted. The study reveals that the climate impact from interior refurbishment, tenant customization, and furniture replacement over the building's lifespan can be of similar magnitude as the climate impact from operational energy consumption. 

The case study also revealed that the tenant customization of the building's two floors resulted in waste on the order of 70 kg per m² of renovated office space. The added materials amounted to 64 kg per m². This indicates that waste management, production, and transportation of added materials have a significant climate impact, and that interior furnishings and furniture can even have an equal climate impact as the production of new walls, floors, and ceilings.

Office spaces in attractive locations are more frequently and extensively subject to tenant customization, resulting in even higher climate impact. 

The study highlights the importance of changing attitudes and fostering collaboration among architects, property owners, and tenants to increase reuse and make sustainable interior choices that align with ongoing initiatives in the EU, such as the circular economy and resource efficiency in the construction sector. 

The study emphasizes that an architect can already plan a building from the beginning to reduce the building's climate impact associated with material production, whether it is integrated into the building from the start or if materials need to be replaced in later stages."

Sustainable choices with AudicomPendax


Here are some examples of how we work

We develop innovation-based solutions that promote circular product usage. This means that products retain their value and functionality over a longer period and can be used efficiently and in a circular manner. 

Sunshades, blackout solutions, and projection screens

Modularly constructed products made from recyclable materials.

Plug-and-play AV technology

No construction impact. Easy to upgrade and reuse.


Indestructible glass enamel writing surface. Modular and upgradable system with recyclable and interchangeable aluminum frames.   

Keep an eye out for sustainability labeling!

We assess to what extent each product fulfills four different values. These are compiled in the sustainability clock displayed on our products. We are gradually implementing this across our entire self-manufactured range. Feel free to give us a call if you want to know more!

Eco Design

0-3 points

Material selection

0-3 points


0-3 points

Corporate social responsibility

0-3 points


0-3 points


Locally produced, modular, and circular design.

For a long time, we have held strict and high standards for ourselves regarding environmentally friendly materials and surface treatments. A few years ago, when we discovered the concept of the circular economy, we saw an opportunity to position ourselves and our products at the forefront.

Service, support, upgrades, and flexible options for renting or owning the products are just the inner layers of this uniquely sustainable concept. At the outermost layer lies the flexibility for the user to transform any space into a fully equipped meeting room in an instant. This sustainability concept goes far beyond the product itself and holds significant value for your entire property and operations.

To products

Flexunit - Meeting rooms as a service

A concept where you can subscribe to mobile units with built-in IT equipment. Stylish and user-friendly meeting rooms for a fixed monthly cost.

In this way, you contribute to the circular economy and save a significant amount of CO² emissions by extending the lifespan of furniture and technology. It provides a quick and convenient entry into the circular economy.

Flexunit subscription

Forward-thinking procurement

Public procurement can, through proper requirement specifications, contribute to society's efforts towards increased resource efficiency and a more circular economy. Design that enables resource efficiency and recycling is crucial but must also meet corresponding functionality, safety, or lifespan requirements.

The Swedish Procurement Authority recommends functional requirements in procurement. To meet this and reduce environmental impact, AudicomPendax has created Flexunit - a concept where customers can subscribe to IT equipment without the need for technical expertise for installation. Mobile devices with built-in technology for meeting rooms of all sizes.

We are proud suppliers with contracts at various entities such as municipalities, county councils, companies, and the government's purchasing agency, Kammarkollegiet.

-AV and video conferencing - hardware, software, and services, contract period: 2018-06-22 - 2022-06-30
-Whiteboards and AV interior - Renewed competitive bidding, contract period: 2019-09-16 - 2023-09-15.

Sustainability labeling

We are gradually implementing this sustainability labeling across our entire self-manufactured range. It indicates the product's average value in terms of eco-design, material selection, climate-smart features, and social responsibility.

Do you want to know more?

The EU and the Government are actively working on regulations that we should adhere to. 
New regulations are already in effect in practice and are being gradually introduced for different product groups.
Today, a completely new energy labeling system is already in place for, for example, TV sets.
There are also plans for a scoring system that will regulate what is approved and recommended for procurement.

Do you want to know more in detail about the near future, visit the Swedish Energy Agency's website www.energimyndigheten.se and the scoring system for repairability. Or read more about functional requirements in procurement. 

Begin your circular project immediately