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Kabelstrumpa vit med kardborreband (meter)


300,00 SEK 300.0 SEK 300,00 SEK

300,00 SEK

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Maintain order and create safety in your electrical installations with our Cable Sleeve with Hook & Loop fastening. We understand the importance of creating an environment that is secure, both from an electrical perspective and to prevent accidents such as tripping over loose cables.

Our cable sleeve is not just an aesthetic solution to keep cables neatly organized, it also plays a crucial role in maintaining the safety of your electrical system. By keeping cables well organized and bundled, you minimize the risk of short circuits, overheating, and potential fire hazards. With the Hook & Loop fastening, you can securely and easily keep cables in place, avoiding tangles and sloppy installations.

But it's not just about protecting against fire and equipment damage. A well-organized electrical installation also helps create a safe environment for people to be in. By eliminating loose cables and unwanted obstacles, you reduce the risk of tripping and falling, which can lead to unnecessary injuries.

Take control of your cables and create a safer and more efficient working environment with our cable sleeve. Give yourself and your electrical installations the care they deserve. Order today and experience the benefits of a well-organized and secure electrical environment.